Narcos: Cartel Wars APK v1.45.02 (Unlimited Money/Gems)

By | November 9, 2022

Narcos: Cartel Wars is a popular mobile game simulating Colombia’s drug war. The game is based on the Netflix series of the same name and offers players the chance to take on the role of different characters from the show. In this article, we will provide you with an APK file that allows you to gain unlimited money and diamonds in Narcos: Cartel Wars. This file is provided without any warranty, so use it at your own risk. If you’re insourced in playing Narcos: Cartel Wars, check out our website, where you can find all the latest updates and exclusive offers.

App Name Narcos: Cartel Wars Apk
Version 1.45.02
Size 110MB
Download 10,000,000+
Rate 4.5

What is Narcos: Cartel Wars?

Narcos: Cartel Wars is an action-packed mobile game that immerses players in the drug trade world. In this game, you will take on the role of a cartel leader and struggle to control the trafficking networks across North America.

As a cartel leader, your goal is to build up your organization and expand your operations. You will need to purchase narcotics from suppliers to sell them on the black market, and you will need to protect your shipments from law enforcement agencies. To succeed in Narcos: Cartel Wars, you will need to be able to make quick decisions and take decisive action – otherwise, you will face serious consequences.

This addictive mobile game offers an extensive gameplay experience that lets players explore different parts of North America as they attempt to build their empires. There are multiple stages available, each with its own challenges and rewards. As you progress through the game,you will unlock new characters and abilities that will help you achieve greater success.

If you are looking for an exciting Android game that lets you immerse yourself in the world of crime and corruption, then Narcos: Cartel Wars is definitely worth checking out. This addictive game offers a unique gaming experience that will appeal to action-packed game fans.

How to get Narcos: Cartel Wars?

If you’re a you’re the popular Gangster drama Narcos; then you’ll wayou’llcheck out Narcos: Cartel Wars. This game is an unofficial sequel to the show that follows Pablo Escobar’sEscobar’ss they battle for control of the drug trade. The game features all of the characters from the series, including Escobar himself. You can choose to play as one of three cartels, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses.

You need to download the APK file from our website to get started on the game. Once downloaded, open it up and click on “activate” You’ll “hYou’llprmpted to enter your Google Play account information. Next, click on “continue” and you “ll beyou’ll to start playing!

To progress through the game, you’ll neyou’llgather money and resources. Money can be earned by completing quests or by raiding enemy compounds. Resources include drugs, weapons, and money laundering operations. You can also find these items while raiding enemy compounds or by trading with other players.

You’ll neyou’lluse your resources wisely to gain an edge over your opponents. You can build new facilities or upgrade existing ones in order to increase your production capacity or defend against attacks. You can also buy new weapons and equip them on your troops in order to defeat your enemies faster than they can defeat yours.

Overall, Narcos: Cartel Wars is a fun and addicting game that fans of the show

In-Game Features of Narcos: Cartel Wars

In Narcos: Cartel Wars, you’ll tayou’lltrol of one of the most powerful drug cartels in the world as you battle for control of the streets and the markets. You’ll neYou’llbuild up your cartel into a formidable organization, smuggle drugs into America and Europe, and make sure that your rivals don’t ovedon’t your position. There are a variety of different missions and objectives to complete, so be sure to explore all of the game’s cogame’s If you’re loyou’refor an intense action-packed experience then look no further than Narcos: Cartel Wars!

Tips for Playing Narcos: Cartel Wars

If you’re loyou’refor a way to make a lot of money in Narcos: Cartel Wars, here are some tips:

1. Get to know the game’s game’s. In order to make the most of your earnings, you’ll neyou’llbe familiar with how the game works. Learning how to effectively use your weapons and avoid being killed will help you quickly rack up points.

2. Be strategic when attacking rivals. Always consider what your rivals are doing before taking action, as attacking them when they’re vthey’rele can lead to hefty rewards. Don’t Fordon about the importance of defense too – knowing when and where to build walls or turrets can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

3. Make use of Gold Rush abilities wisely. Each rival has one or more abilities that offer special benefits during Gold Rush mode – use these abilities to your advantage! For example, using an ability like Bombardment can destroy everything in a certain area, opening up new areas for you to explore and plunder.

4. Stock up on gems constantly. Not only do gems give you access to powerful bonuses and abilities, but they’re athey’reential for upgrading your equipment and building new structures in your base camp – don’t letdon’t run out!


If you’re a you’re the Narcos series on Netflix, then you’ll wayou’llcheck out the latest update for the game. The latest update for Narcos: Cartel Wars brings with it new weapons, levels, and more. In addition to this, players can also purchase gems with real money to give them an edge in battle. If you’d likyou’dtry out the new features before buying any gems, simply downloading the APK from our link below is free!

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