How To Earn Money From Snack Videos App In Pakistan 2023 – Best Earning App

By | April 4, 2023

Snakcvideo is a social media platform like Tiktok accessible in Pakistan which allows you to make and watch short videos you can share to other members of the community. All you need to do is upload or record the video using your smartphone’s gallery. They have a worldwide user base of over 10 million active users. Snack Video applications are available for iOS and Android phones, and are available for download from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

How do I earn money through Snack Video App in Pakistan? Snack video is an Pakistani social network that is similar to Tiktok where you can share short films to friends. Videos can be uploaded or recorded with your phone’s gallery. In the world, Snack Video has more than 10 million users. Mobile Apps to Snack Video are available in the App Store and Play Store.

We could make money through snack video app using many ways that are simple as well as reliable source of income however, to understand the best ways you can make money through snake video be sure to go through the whole article.

The following are the top 5 ways to earn money via Snack Video.

How To Earn Money through Snack Videos – Best Methods

There are a variety of methods to make money through the Snack Video App to Pakistan which include:

  1. Sponsorship
  2. Bonuses every single day
  3. Invite Friends
  4. Sell Products
  5. Bonus points when you sign up or register
  6. Content Exchange
  7. Create a New Account
  8. Competition Prizes

Daily rewards

Daily rewards are awarded when you watch snack videos on regular basis. The rewards are according to the following

Day 1 = 200 coins

Day 2 = 400

Day 3= 800

Day 4= 200

Day 5= 400

Day 6= 200

Day 7= 1599

Day 14= 2399

Day 21= 2999

Day 30= 3999

Affiliate Marketing

Marketing through affiliates is by far the best way to make money through Snack video. For beginning you must join one of the platforms for affiliate marketing. Once you’ve signed up, select products that you think are related to your video Then, you can add hyperlinks to these products. You’ll earn a percentage of the purchase time someone purchases something from the link.


Brands may approach you to promote their products by using your videos in case you have a huge number of viewers and followers. In exchange for promotion, they’ll give you a specific sum of money.

Participate in Snack Video Contests

On a weekly, daily and monthly basis, on a monthly, weekly and daily basis Snack Video app conducts numerous contests. It is possible to participate in any contest and be awarded money or other items like smartphones and even watches. There are some limitations that you can learn about on their website to enter contests.

Invite your friends and earn

It is possible to make money by promoting Snack Video even if you do not have followers. The ability to refer your friends and earn is the most efficient method to earn money. You can copy your referral code and share links to your friends or via social media.

Do something and activities with friends to earn coins

Snack video offers the option to share your activities with friends. To share your event to your friends comply with these instructions

  1. Start the snack video and then go to settings by clicking on the icon
  2. Then, tap on the option “share with your friends”
  3. Take the URL and copy it, then share the link with them.

How do I redeem coins?

If you take part in any of the listed activities above, you’ll earn coins rather than rupees. These coins are converted into rupees prior to 8 a.m. This allows you to convert them into rupees to use all coins to be used in rupees.

How can I take out money out of Snack video app?

Follow the steps below to remove money in this snack video.

  1. Visit your profile by clicking the option on the bottom right hand corner.
  2. To open to the snack video app setting choose the top-right corner icon.
  3. You have the possibility of entering a telephone number.
  4. Complete your Jazz cash or easypaisa accounts details here.
  5. Your verification number will then be assigned to your telephone number following that.
  6. Then, in the required field, type in this code and your number will be entered into the system.
  7. Select then the coins choice from the dropdown menu.
  8. The serial coins in PKR can be located here.
  9. When you click the withdrawal button and click on withdraw, a new page will open.
  10. You are now able to withdraw between the amount of Rs. 25 to Rs.1200 However, not more.
  11. You can only withdraw one time per day.

Here are the essential information you need to be aware of regarding this Snack video app. It is possible to earn each day through the app within Pakistan.

Conclusion Of Live Streaming Snack Video

This article is designed to give details on how to earn money through taking a look at snack films in Pakistan. It is possible to earn money by using coins in just eight steps. Coin redemption is also described. If you’d like to know more details, you’re invited to check out our website.


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