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Nowadays, WhatsApp makes it so easy to connect with anyone, anywhere around the world. WhatsApp is a very popular and known as a trusted app throughout the world. Because WhatsApp is the most concerned regarding the security of its users. If you are unsure that your children spend the majority of their time online, you should be aware of social media. They’re not paying enough concentration to school, and you need to monitor your children’s online activities.

We will discuss WhatsApp The Last Sighted Tracker Application. It is easy to check your online actions on WhatsApp. Here we present the best WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker apps for Android. These apps allow you to locate those who were last seen on WhatsApp of any individual from your contacts. In the end, you will be able to keep your third eye on your children as well as your family members.

WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker Apps

WhatsApp WaStat WhatsApp tracker

WaStat is the most reliable alternative that will notify you when anyone is online via WhatsApp. It provides you with notifications fast when you are online. It displays all time intervals in a handy view of the clock. The app doesn’t hack any account on WhatsApp however. If you’re waiting for someone to be online but has not yet appeared, then install the app it will notify you when the person is online. It will show you your last seen online state of all your WhatsApp contacts. It’s easy to utilize this app. Simply download it from the Google Play store, open it and enter your name and the username of the individual you would like to follow. You will receive a notification from this app when the person is online.

Notify Online – Last Seen

Notify online is another great app to track people who have not been seen. It will provide you with an overview of the information regarding the person you have selected and keeps an the track of your child’s activities. Today, children spend most than half of their time using social media, and they are spending their time. They aren’t paying attention or focusing on their studies or other tasks. If you’d like to verify whether your children are using social media, or not. You need to download and to your Android mobile and then enjoy. If you’d like to know the date they were last seen or last seen date, you only must enter their contact number within this app. You will be up-to-date when the contact you have selected becomes online. The greatest benefit in the app is that you will be informed when the contact you selected is disconnected.

WisTracker Online Last Seen Tracker for Family

WisTracker allows you to locate the details of people who were last seen by any individual in depth. It is developed by the company Innovex. It supports Android 4.1plus. Its last update was released in 2020. The version number is 1.2 and is extremely beneficial. It is impossible to check whether you are checking the online situation of you children as they are on social websites or WhatsApp. If you need to verify you can you can download WisTracker WhatsApp last seen tracker online for your family members from the Google Play Store. I will update the app when your children use the internet or when they stop. I would recommend this app to protect children’s future children as well as for monitoring their behavior.

W-Track: Last seen

Track Last seen is another great app that can be used to create tracking the last seen tracker. This app will monitor the online activities of your number and its. With this app you are able to monitor all online activity of the closest and dearest friend. All you have to do is download the app from the Google Play store, then install it on your android devices, and utilize it. Download the app and type in the name of the person you must follow. You will be notified when they are online as well as when they leave on the social media.

WatzUsage: Tracker for WhatsApp

If you’re looking on the web for the top app to use for WhatsApp online last seen tracking app therefore you should be there. Do not spend your time in observing your children who are more focused on social media. Have you noticed that they’re not sleeping as well at night and are using excessively social media? It’s time to take them off guard as they use social media during the late at night. Since we’re discussing an app which will assist you locate the last seen as well as online status of your child. You just need install the app and keep a watchful check on the children. WatzUsage app can be the ideal app to accomplish this.

It is a whatsapp last seen online tracker app meets the demands of the millions of WhatsApp users. It makes it simple to track your favourite contacts’ WhatsApp times. If you are notified of a message and check it out from the notifications the app will notify you of the message when your chosen person is join WhatsApp. The status of their offline will be revealed to you.

While you can only view notifications, it is possible to monitor WhatsApp by using the timings of a particular number. However, to find out the specifics is also a breeze with the last seen online tracker app. For instance, you can keep track of date-wise and clockwise. The inclusion to “filters” has made this app more well-known. It is possible to use filters to monitor the whole day or just a certain time. As parents, this can aid you in monitoring the hours of study time of your child. You can determine if he/she is engaged in studying or talking.

The ability to receive reports by email is also possible.


  • It makes tracking simple for everyone
  • It shows accurate timings.
  • Do not let your eyes wander off for a moment
  • Filter option allows for tracking to be more efficient


  • Trial time is very short
  • The free version has a limited functionality.

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